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  • At Insured Clicks, we value our partners and therefore we make sure to only offer the TOP converting marketing materials. We work only with the TOP converting marketing material. We encourage and offer support for those that are in need of guidance or material to push for the best conversions and therefore optimize your conversions...

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The goal of Insured Clicks is to find the best sources for your traffic. Each of our affiliate's traffic is individually rated and the staff at ABS will find the best marketing material to convert your leads. We guarantee that there will be placement for all traffic you bring to ABS. These placements can conclude in various types of traffic, with higher payouts. It is our job to do the research and analytics to match your traffic with the best resources possible. We virtually monitor results 24 hours a day directing your leads to the highest potentials. We are constantly adjusting your traffic for the best results and the highest profits. As our brand offers higher bonuses or promotions we redirect your traffic so that you can receive maximum monthly profits. We want to ensure that you get the best results possible. We are not brand oriented but profit driven for our affialites.